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Automate Excellence.

Make Excellence Repeatable

The Challenge

The gap between planning of work and its execution is forcing operators to micromanage.

This massive inefficiency impacts quality of services and the company’s bottom line.

The Solution

We transform people’s work into actionable data streams, improving scheduling and distribution of workers in the physical world. Accurately execute business goals creating repetitive excellence.

Scheduling, distribution of work, efficiency. Solved.

Compliance and Quality are what a Bravo team means.

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Address: Tashah Street #2
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 6209311


Management Intervention decreased by


Late service calls percentage decreased by

Save + $11,000 per month with bravo

Dramatic improvement In less then 14 days

Disrupting work as we know it.

Growing Challenge

Managing labor intensive operations is an ever-growing challenge.

Service levels immediately reflect on the bottom line through online reviews, while operating costs are under constant pressure. Existing property management systems (PMS) do not provide adequate functionality and predictability.

Human hierarchical management of workers creates constant friction and load of inefficiencies.


Our Unique platform

Bravo makes repetitive and tedious management a thing of the past.

What if you only needed to describe things once? And your team always deliver quality, on time?

Ensuring the whole team do the right things, at the right time flawlessly. Improve service quality and your bottom line.

Scheduling, distribution of work, efficiency – Solved.

Compliance and Quality are what a Bravo team means.  Automate Excellence.