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Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

In their Harvard Business Review article “How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time” Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman claim that Supervisors are much more likely to carry both capabilities (Drive Results and Employee Engagement) than senior managers. “We found, In fact, that supervisors are twice as likely to do both things well than senior managers”.

Supervisors and mid level management are undervalued. While most of technology solution are targeting at solving top management and headquarter challenges, our take was different. Like Zenger and Folkman, we thought that the key of making a successful operation lies with low level management. is low touch, agile management App for manual work in labor intensive businesses such as hotels, supermarkets, hospitals and home care giving. We provide digital remedy to the worst aspects of command and control management thinking. Our product coordinate work much better than human hierarchical management.  We were very interested in these findings. Zenger Folkman analysis of 7800 leaders labelled “behavioral bridges” – The enabling skills of leaders to “simultaneously drive for results and practice good interpersonal skills”. We couldn’t summarize our values in a better way. We are working hard to both embed these issues seamlessly into our solution, enabling our users to enhance these qualities in their day to day work.