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Photo by John Salvino on / Unsplash

Bravo is all about creating opportunities for low- skilled workers and empowering mid level management.

We believe that by harnessing the full potential of mid level management we can bring revolution to traditional, least digitized, industries. In we are committed to free mid level managers from the repetitive trivial tasks and make them meaningful decision makers and planners.

The first stage was taking responsibility on procedure orchestration. This capability is a big step forward in the effort for relieving mid management. Now is enforcing procedure adherence. Workers are being guided step by step throughout their job and a big chunk of the unnecessary tasks of mid management is taken care of.

But we can do better. Since things tend to go wrong in many simple ways and although we solved procedure enforcement, mid management is still required to make many simple decision (selecting the right person for the job, decide what needs to do next when there are many open tasks, select the best route to scan a field, locate the best location to block a road when you need to isolate an area…)

And that’s where  AI is introduced. Doing what AI is doing best, making a simple decision but unlike a human, doesn’t stress, taking all details into account, doing it real fast and never get tired.

How are we implementing AI ? Step by step, we’re adding first the simple generic AI tools, but soon enough, we will open an API and everyone will be invited to add in new AI components and take part in our revolution.